Motorola and Apple make the most reliable phones: study

Square Trade, a organization that makes cash by selling customers insurance on the costly products they purchase to fill their techno-lust, has released a research describing who makes the most dependable mobile phones, and which products are more prone to be ruined by incidents. In terms of random not working, which means 1 day your cell phone just chooses to not work one day, Apple came out on top with their iPhone 4 exhibiting only 2.1% of insured units having matters. The iPhone 3GS followed with 2.3%, which is also the very same number for products manufactured by Motorola. HTC is next with 3.7%, then RIM with 6.3%, and eventually “other” mobile phones with a 6.7% malfunction rate.

Turning the tables, when it comes to devices that break due to an accident, such as dropping your smartphone on a concrete sidewalk, BlackBerry owners filed only 6.7% accidental damage statements. That number jumps to 12.2% for both Motorola and HTC devices, and with Apple, unsurprisingly, the iPhone 4 with the fancy new all glass body hits 13.8% while the 3GS fairs a bit better with 9.4% of insured units getting busted.

The test size for this research was over 50,000 Square Trade members, so it is quite accurate. Yes, the organization is attempting to convince you to purchase a warranty from them, but possibly it is not such a bad thing? For people who upgrade their smartphone every 6 to 12 months, and I know I’m guilty of doing that, then buying an extended warranty doesn’t really make any sense, but for those of you who tend to keep the same phone for years on end … it still may not be worth it since after 2 years you’re eligible for an upgrade anyway. If you’re going to buy an extended warranty on anything, do it for something expensive, like a laptop. Smartphones, in the bigger picture, don’t truly price very much if you figure that it takes less than $2 per day of savings to buy a $600 mobile phone every year.

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