Microsoft Surface tablet sold one million units in Q4 2012

Microsoft’s very first tablet isn’t shaping up to be the runaway success story the company was likely looking for. New reports from UBS analyst Brent Thrill urge Microsoft only sold One million Surface tablets during the vacation quarter.

The news could represent a drawback for Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet operating-system, as a number of computer sellers are apparently using the Surface as a gauge to determine whether or not they should embrace the completely new platform. The only great news, perhaps, is that the analyst’s Surface calculate is a little bit better than earlier predictions from Detwiler Fenton indicating Surface sales wouldn’t even reach One million units in the 4th quarter.

In his note to clients, which was picked up by Business Insider on yesterday, Thrill also cut his profits and EPS estimates for Microsoft’s 2nd financial quarter to $21.3 billion and $0.76, respectively.

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