List Regarding Apple’s PhotoShop Errors on iPod Touch 4G Designs [GALLERY]

iPod Touch 4G was announced through Steve Jobs in his “Annual Musical Event” on last Wednesday. Some mistakes in Photoshop designs establish on Apple’s authorized website for iPod touch 4G features. The list below shows that everybody has errors even Apple.

1st: Phone icon [iPod touch 4G]
Here we go, the initial mistake is presentation Phone icon on the recently announced iPod touch 4G, on bottom left of the pic on the right.

2nd: SMS shown beneath Spotlight search [iPod touch 4G]
We know that Spotlight search additional to iPod touch 4G, but the errors is showing a couple of SMS under the spotlight search.

3rd: Emergency calls [iPod Touch 4G]
This was noticed by 9to5mac, we can’t decide if it’s a mistake or not yet.

4th: Apple logo [iPod Touch 4G]
This is a big one, according to the source; someone inside Apple’s graphics studio has been disqualified since of this one.

5th: Off beam reflection effects
Hey Apple designers, you can’t make a right reflection effect? Look at the reflection at the bottom.

6th: HD Videos [iPhone 4]
This one on the iPhone 4 pages, the page talks about HD Videos feature in iPhone 4, while the image says iPod on top left.

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