‘Leaked’ iPhone 5 battery is bigger but only slightly more powerful

9to5mac has revealed photos of the next iPhone’s battery. If this is to be believed, then it seems like it is a really small battery, meaning it could spell battery life issues.

The battery increases from 1430mAh to 1440mAh. It is a small improve, but will it be able to fuel an LTE hungry iPhone, if LTE is believed to be included in the 1st place.

LTE sucks the life out of the mobile phones way too quickly for the batteries on earlier iPhones to last for a whole day. And to think that making a phone thinner and slimmer would give more room for a bigger battery to support all of that processing would be in the brand new phone.

But again, this is still a rumor, so it could be entirely wrong and we are hoping it’s more than just 1440mAh.

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