Lashkari Raisani may join PTI

The PPP has received a serious setback after its seasoned activist and ex- president of Balochistan chapter Mir Lashkari Raisani resigned even its basic membership and is likely to choose his future political alignment shortly.

Sources near to him says he could declare joining PTI during Imran Khan’s upcoming visit to Balochistan and his address to a public gathering in Quetta on April 20.

Others insisted the younger Raisani was still unsure about the decision of joining PTI or PML-N. However, political experts are seeing his parting ways with PPP as a key setback since it came to power in the Centre and his elder brother Muhammad Aslam Raisani formed a coalition govt in Balochistan.

Sources close to him mentioned that Lashkari Raisani was angry since 2009 after viewing Balochistan slipping into further chaos and anarchy despite the provincial govt having no hurdles in its terms of an active opposition inside the Balochistan Assembly or outside.

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