Kiwi batsman Jesse Ryder accused admits assault charge

Jesse RyderOne of the 2 guys charged with attacking New Zealand cricketer Jesse Ryder outside a bar in Christchurch, has pleaded guilty to a charge of the attack. The 20-year-old man, who continues to have name suppression, was accused on a charge of the attack and remanded to another hearing on June 5, and his uncle, who’s accused of injuring with reckless disregard for safety and attack, has elected trial.

As per the accused’s attorney Jonathan Eaton, the alleged assault occurred after the drinks had been shared between his client and Ryder, who had apparently left without repaying a round of drinks, adding that this had started a verbal exchange and eventually the alleged attack. Successfully arguing that his client’s right to a fair trial involved matters of recognition, Eaton criticized the media’s wrong reporting of the case, adding that the media exaggerated reports of a hate crime against Ryder, violent and repeated attacks, and grievous injuries.

As per Eaton, the fight was over in a few minutes, and involved only a single punch and a kick, which caused Jesse Ryder to fall to the soil and hit his head resulting in a serious concussion, adding that the reason Ryder had lung issues during his treatment was because he had swallowed vomit. Saying that the CCTV video didn’t give any definitive answer as to who did what, Eaton stated that he had complained to the solicitor-general about the media’s decision to write the accused’s names before they appeared in court.

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