Katrina and Aishwarya fight it out for Madhur’s next

katrina, aishwaryaIt’s a fight of Bollywood leading actresses Aishwarya and Katrina playing Marilyn Monroe in Bhandarkar’s upcoming film ‘Heroine’. Recently, Bollywood was abuzz with whispers that UTV, the maker of the movie, was interested in Aishwarya to act the main character in the movie. However, to create the points more exciting, the makers have finally chose to include Katrina in the arena.

Speaking with a daily, a source says, “‘Heroine’ has become a toss-up among both actresses. The movie goes on floors as quickly as possibly of them is completed. All of those other cast isn’t going to be too hard to put jointly.”It seems that, Madhur had made a decision to shelve the movie when his very first option, Kareena Kapoor, backed out at final moment.

However, with the present progress in film, the source included, “Every thing is alright. The two Aishwarya and Katrina are great actresses. Each can perform sufficient justice to the part, which takes a number of design and role as well. Madhur and UTV took a combined judgement to bring back the venture and short-list both actresses as the choices for the main character. The selection was taken as the movie’s script is very hard-hitting and such a tale is merely waiting to be informed.”

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