Judgment on Salman Khan’s appeal in hit-and-run case on June 10

Salman KhanBollywood actor Salman Khan had presently challenged a Magistrate’s order invoking the charge of responsible homicide against him in a 2002 hit-and-run case and the Sessions Court will give its judgment on June 10.

Salman Khan, who had been charged with ramming his car in a bakery, causing the death of one and injuries to 4 other people, had been earlier faced with fast and careless driving by a magistrate court. However, subsequently, the charge was modified to that of responsible homicide not amounting to murder.

After this, Salman Khan had appealed to the Sessions Court against the order. Salman Khan’s lawyer argued that Salman had neither the intention to kill people nor the knowledge that he’s fast and careless driving would kill a person and cause injury to 4 others, and as such, he shouldn’t be charged with culpable homicide.

Salman Khan, who’s presently filming for ‘Mental’, wasn’t present in court and his legal representative registered an application of personal exemptions.

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