Judge Cuts Apple’s $1 Billion Award in Samsung Case

Cutting a massive amount out of a $1 billion court judgment? There is an app for that. The judge who presided over Apple’s patent and trademark claim against Samsung last summer has decided that the the jury made a mistake in coming up with damages and has cut the award by over $450 million.

After the August judgment, there’s, of course, an appeal, as well as the parties’ respective tries to get the judge to up and lower the volume of damages awarded. On Friday, Apple lost a bid to improve damages while Samsung succeeded at one point that will mean a fresh trial on damages for a few products. Apple and Samsung account for 1 in 2 smartphones sold. They also depend on each other for parts and business.

Their legal clash has been viewed as a proxy war between Apple and Google as Samsung’s top Galaxy smartphones and tablets run on Google’s Android operating system.

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