Is Salman Khan tormenting Ek Tha Tiger crew members?

Actor Salman Khan has issued a new and bizarre diktat on the sets of his movie. Says the shoot will start only when he is ready. Salman Khan, who of late had started giving his ‘inputs’ and rather solid ‘ideas’ on the sets have issued a new diktat. A source from the crew Yash Raj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger informed us that the actor has now barred crew members from summoning him for a shot while he is in his vanity van.

The incident above took place on the sets of Ek Tha Tiger. A source informed that Salman comes out of his vanity van whenever he feels like. No-one has the right to summon him for a shot. Crew simply has to wait with bated breath for him to leave his van and begin shooting. He, it seems, doesn’t care at all if it hampers the filming schedule. There’s more! Another source informs that as is customary, Salman Khan strides in fashionably late at the shootings and locks himself into his van for long hrs. He doesn’t care what scene he’s supposed to shoot. Also directors can’t arrange shooting of Salman with other actors as he isn’t fond of waiting.

Reportedly, a couple of days back he rejected to go to Morocco to shoot a song for the movie. Instead, he made the producers/makers of the movie to build a make shift place in FilmCity Mumbai to complete the song.

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