Is Aamir Khan angry with Talaash’s response?

According to actor Aamir Khan, his film Talaash “was a risky movie to make.” The flick Talaash, which is weaved around a thriller cum horror factor, has gained mixed response country wide.

While several enjoyed it, several others blamed it for its sluggish pace. But, looking at the whole scenario, it seems as if Aamir is angry with this. A top daily quoted Aamir Khan expressing that Talaash was “not a Universal movie.” He cleared that the movie has not received 100 % optimistic response, as “many people may not love the super natural movies but Talaash has got the repeat value.”

Aamir realized the truth that Talaash isn’t a flick that will cater to all kind of viewers. Yet, he explained that he is pleased with the Box Office opening of the movie. Discussing his forthcoming film Dhoom 3, Aamir further said that the film will be an universal movie, and even the children will enjoy it.

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