IPL spot-fixing: Sreesanth embarrassed by 12 year old fan

SreesanthIn a story that shows how hard the spot fixing scandal in the IPL has hit India, Tushar, a 12 year old fan of Sreesanth, left him embarrassed when he was situated in front of a Delhi court today.

The young boy stayed on the court for 2 hours as he tried to get the focus of the cricketer. Sreesanth eventually turned around to speak to the boy, asking him as he shook hands with him, “What’s up?”.

Then as the prosecution and defence argued the case, he asked the cricketer in a calm voice a question that stunned and ashamed Sreesanth, ”Kya yaar, spot fixing kyu kiya?”

The response was a whisper, “Yaar, maine nahi kiya (I did not do it).”

The answer, though, wasn’t enough for the boy who kept peppering the bowler and the assembled media about the defence’s case.

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