iPhone Ranks 1st In Smartphone Credibility

Apple’s iPhone is one of the trusted smartphone as opposed to the likes of Samsung, Nokia and Motorola mobiles, reported by a Mashable report. The first report came from FixYa.

Here are a few excerpts to that FixYa report: “Recent stock slide notwithstanding, Apple has been the top dog in the Smartphone market since the company revolutionized the realm by introducing the world’s first touchscreen Smartphone in 2007″…”And despite the recent angst surrounding Apple and its lack of exciting new products are revolutionary foresight, the iPhone is still the most popular single Smartphone model.”

The report went on further to say that its report was according to the survey of their FixYa customers showing the Apple iPhone ahead of Samsung, Nokia and Motorola-made mobile phones in 3 groups, namely, a dead simple user interface (UI), credibility, and app ecosystem. The FixYa report indicates that its face to face credibility survey reveals that Apple has a score of 3.47, Samsung with a 1.21 score, Nokia with a 0.68 score, and Motorola with a 0.13 score.

However, the above report also reveals that Apple’s iPhone has also received a few challenges from its customers including the insufficient customizability, the short life of the battery (iPhone 4S), and insufficient extra features with latest models. Reported by FixYa, the above number shows the 72.51 % combined share of the market and 722,558 combined problem impressions on these mobile phones, with market share data thanks to statcounter.org.


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