iPhone 6 Launch Date Likely Pushed Back as 5S Photos Emerge

Smartphone buyers who have taken a liking to some of the big-screen smartphones launched by Samsung and others will have to wait at least a year before Apple delivers this type of device – a phone many industry insiders are dubbing the iPhone 6.

The Silicon Valley giant had 1st planned to release a 4.8-inch iPhone 6 in or around October of this year, but the technology the company utilizes in its Smartphones is making it a concern for Apple’s screen manufacturers to go from the present 4-inch model (iPhone 5) to 4.8 ins. That is as per Peter Misek, an analyst with Jefferies, who recently said the delays will push the launch to sometime in 2014, Business Insider reported. The expert says the iPhone 6 will come with an even bigger, more rapid processor that will need a fresh version of iOS, something that Apple generally delivers yearly anyway.

A pair of fresh Smartphones is still coming from Apple this season, however, Misek predicts: the said low-cost iPhone that Apple itself has pooh-poohed; and the highly predicted iPhone 5S, a better, but not completely overhauled model of the iPhone 5, which made its debut in September. Look for those brand new smartphones in June, he states.

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