iPhone 5 web traffic passes Galaxy S3 in 3 weeks

Samsung has sold millions of models of its leading Galaxy S3 Android smartphone all over the world – more than 20 million (perhaps over 30 million now). However, as per Chitika, in a little under 3 weeks since the iPhone 5 has been out the Apple device has passed it in terms mobile traffic share in the American market.

Comparing mobile online traffic from the 2 devices on its network between Oct 3 and Oct 9 Chitika mentioned that the iPhone 5 (not all iPhones) was driving over fifty percent (56%). This speaks to the extremely high demand and sales for the iPhone 5 and the big web usage of iPhone 5 users, undoubtedly increased by the availability of 4G on the Apple device. It’s unclear what number of S3 devices vs. iPhone 5s are presently in the American market. I think there’re fewer iPhone 5s than their Android S3 brethren.

As per comScore Samsung is the biggest mobile manufacturer in american market (not all are smartphones), while Apple is # 3.



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