iPhone 5 pushes Apple on 2nd place

iPhone 5 has given Apple a small lead over the LG in U.S. cellular share of the market, as per new data from ComScore. For the 3 months ending in October, Apple stole 2nd spot from LG by getting a 17.8 % share of the whole U.S. mobile phone market, up from 16.3 % in the prior 90 days.

LG trailed with 17.6 %, a decline from 18.5 %. Launched right after Sept, the iPhone 5 unquestionably gave Apple the enhance it required to rise up the cell phone charts. During the last year, Apple had been in 3rd spot behind LG, and at times in 4th spot behind Motorola, one of the top 5 U.S. phone manufacturers.

For the most recent period, Samsung still held the lead with a 27.3 % slice of the market. Only Samsung and Apple saw increases in business, while LG, Motorola, and HTC all were hit by little declines.

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