iPad mini parts cost $182, study finds

iPad mini starts at $369 in Australia but charges $US188 ($182) to develop, a “teardown” analysis has discovered. The Wall Street Journal blog All Things D reports that IHS, which conducts customer device teardowns, had found that LG Display and AU Optronics had supplied the display parts.

Components related to the display cost about $80, or about 43 % of the total iPad mini producing cost. The screen utilizes a brand new technology called GF2 that allows the overall display to be slimmer than on earlier generations.

Andrew Rassweiler, an IHS expert and head of the company’s teardown team, claims that the brand new technology is showing somewhat challenging to make, which is, for the present time, driving charges on the display up. But as kinks in the production process are figured out, those costs will come down, the blog said.

Samsung continued its part as the maker of Apple’s A5 processor, keeping a historical association that dates back many years and predates the sour, multi-jurisdictional series of patent legal cases between them, the blog says.

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