Intel Introduce 320 Series SSD

Intel-320-Series-SSDIntel Company is getting ready to slide a fresh type of SSD’s known as the 320 Series. Arriving size including 40GB to 600GB, these 2.5″, SSDs have 25nm MLC NAND Flash storage chips device, a SATA 3.0 Gbps software, a MTBF of 1.2 million hrs, 128-bit complete disk file encryption and supply about 39,500/23,000 IOPS of accidental 4k read or write overall good performance. The 320 Series SSDs device is appointed to take purchase on 28-03-2011 for U.S. 109 dollars (40GB), U.S. 189 dollars (80GB), U.S. 239 dollars (120GB), U.S. 329 dollars (160GB), U.S. 569 dollars (300GB) and U.S. 1,119 dollars (600GB), corresponding.

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