Indian skipper MS Dhoni shies away from press after match

A common tactic by the Indian team management is to send a very young cricketer to handle the press when the team has done badly. He gave away 103 runs for no wickets yet, shockingly, Young Ravichandran Ashwin was sent for the media conference where he lost his cool many occasions. Ashwin was questioned that why MS Dhoni had fielded with a deep point, a confusing strategy when the team is looking to take wickets, Ashwin defended the step.

“What else do you do with 191 in the pocket? You will have to save every single run possible. If you get 2 or 3 wickets later on, and somebody is having a decent spell, we’ve those runs to play with later. That has got to be the only strategy. It is common perception. Nothing else,” he mentioned.He explained ” I’ve not bowled poor balls” — but his spell shows something else,  28-103-0 were his figures.When questioned why batsmen were failing 6th occasion in a row in abroad, Ashwin responded that it becomes physically quite hard for the bowlers to bowl too long if batsmen bat like this. If India has to save the test match 1 or 2 batsmen have to stand up, he says.

Ex- Aussie batsman Mark Waugh took a hand at Indian skipper MS Dhoni on Wednesday and criticised his defensive strategies. He says MS Dhoni sits back and waits for the opposition to make blunders rather than taking the motivation himself.


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