Indian skipper MS Dhoni disrespecting the game says Daryl Harper

Indian skipper MS Dhoni is a blatant offender of the Spirit of Cricket, claims ex- ICC umpire Daryl Harper who thinks English batsman Jonny Bairstow wasn’t out when his catch, deflected through Gautam Gambhir’s helmet, was held by the fielder.

Talking exclusively from the Adelaide Oval, where he was watching the last day’s play between Australia and South Africa Test match, he claimed: “New accolades for MS Dhoni, the India captain declined to withdraw an appeal when replays evidence indicated that the ball had made touch with Gambhir’s helmet before he completed a catch to dismiss Bairstow.”

“It is a clear violation of the rules of cricket and any national skipper worth his weight in salt would’ve instantly withdrawn the appeal and allowed Bairstow to carry on his innings. But Dhoni is a repeated culprit when it comes to neglecting the Spirit of Cricket,” said Harper.

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