Indian curator shoos away Mike Atherton from the track

Eden Gardens’ experienced curator Prabir Mukherjee, recognized for his dedicated adherence to the principles and traditional morals of cricket, yesterday shooed away ex- English captain Mike Atherton, who had gone near to the wicket in breach of the cricketing rules.

Mike Atherton, who’s here as a broadcaster, had attempted to take a critical look at the track, which has made a great degree of dispute after Mukherjee criticized Indian captain MS Dhoni for requesting a square turner from the first day of the December 5-9 match against England.

Seeing Atherton, Mukherjee went up to him and angrily gestured to him to exit the area. “Please go!” the 83-year-old Mukherjee was heard informing the ex cricketer. Atherton, however, left instantly without a word.

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