Indian Cricketer Joginder Sharma faces police probe

Indian cricketer Joginder Sharma, who’s also the Deputy Superintendent of Haryana Police, has landed into a conflict after his cousin Sonu registered a legal claim against him with the Shivaji Colony Police Station. In his case filed yesterday, Sonu has accused Joginder with beating him up resulting to personal injuries.

Taking a severe view of the claim, Rohtak SSP B Sathish Balan has marked the claim to DSP (City) Jaiveer Rathi for additional investigation. He’s also assured the complainant that proper steps would be taken against Joginder if he is identified responsible after inquiry.In his claim, Sonu says his family store, which was located at Kath Mandi on the Jhajjar road, was destroyed by the district administrators.

The administrators then declared compensation which was  unlawfully` withdrawn by Joginder`s brother Deepak Sharma whereas it should have been received by his family, he alleged.”When I discussed to Joginder Sharma about the shop compensation, he began thrashing me leading to personal injuries. “

As a result, I’d to get treatment from city hospital,” claimed Sonu in his issue.He maintained that he had also registered a different claim against Joginder to Rohtak SSP for finding justice.

In the mean time, Joginder Sharma has refuted all the claims leveled against him by his cousin Sonu and called the complainant as ” incorrect” and “groundless”.

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