Imran and Ranbir turns Pals to Enemies!

The 2 young actors of B-town, Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, who’re often better known for their love-hate connection, are all set to add a fresh leaf to their current bitterness. Imran Khan and his co-actor Ali Zafar have become solid buddies. Imran Khan has been endorsing his Pakistani counter part. The singer-actor is a famous pop celebrity across the border.

Ranbir Kapoor is doing something the same. He’s hectic giving a larger stand to his buddy Atif Aslam (Ali Zafar’s arch competitor), who also hails from Pakistan. Atif Aslam has given his vocal to tracks featuring child Kapoor and the pair link very effectively.

Now that the vocalist is about to make his acting first appearance in B-town, Ranbir has become his coach and is helping him. Also, Imran assisted his co-actor Ali and helping him in every single which way. There’s a impression in the industry that the 2 young actors of B-town desire to publicize their particular ` buddies `.”

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