ICC too soft towards India: Daryl Harper

Ex- Aussie umpire Daryl Harper has criticized Indian players and charged the ICC of having ‘double standards’. Harper exposed that the key reason for him retiring a game earlier was that, despite Indian captain MS Dhoni criticizing his judgements, the ICC didn’t action, as per principles.

“The really fast answer as to why I walked away is because I sensed I did not have the assistance of the ICC administration to finish the job,” Harper was quoted, as telling.”After I had told them of my judgement, there’s a quick media release saying that they’d ‘every faith’ in me to complete the task, but I had not seen or sensed any of this belief, particularly in what turned out to be the last 2 yrs of my profession,” he said.

Harper alleged that when he eliminated Indian fast bowler Praveen Kumar from the attack, because he regularly ran on the playing area, Dhoni attempted to frighten him by indicating “We have had problems with you before Daryl.””I realized what he meant was that I was one umpire not affected by any personas or teams or boards. He had not been able…

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