ICC to probe Pak-India World Cup semi-final game

The ICC is prepared to start an inquiry into a report in the ‘Sunday Times’, which reported that the Indian bookies are fixing the results of England county matches and worldwide fixtures. The newspaper’s investigation has advised that the bookies offer 1000’s of pounds to the cricketers.

About 44,000 pounds to batsmen for gradual scoring, 50,000 pounds for bowlers who concede runs and 750,000 pounds for a cricketer or official who can ensure a match result. It also disclosed that corruption tainted last year’s World Cup semi-final between India and Pakistan.The fixers said to have sponsored cricketers from countries, including England utilizing a Bollywood actress as a honey trap.

A Delhi bookmaker has said to the newspaper that county cricket “is a great market” as it involves “low-profile games and no person monitors them. That’s why big money can be made there without any difficulty.” The newspaper has passed on all the informations it collected from its inspection to the ICC, who said it would check out into these “severe allegations”.

A year ago, 3 Pakistan cricketers — Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer — were also locked up in Great Britan for ‘spot-fixing’ in a 2010 Test game against England.

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