ICC officials admit error in Jacques Kallis dismissal

The ICC has accepted its Playing Control Team (PCT) made “an honest error” while utilizing the DRS to the Jacques Kallis review on the 2nd day of the Newlands Test and that the batsman was mistakenly given out.

The incident in question happened on Feb. 15 as on field umpire Steve Davis adjudged that bat was involved in Kallis parry to forward short leg field Azhar Ali. Jacques Kallis, certain it had been all pad, called for a review immediately. 3rd umpire Billy Bowden, then, 1st saw that there was no bat involved, but bizarrely identified that the ball was then going on to clip the outside of the leg stump.

The review, therefore, also gave him out, but for another dismissal altogether, which the ICC admitted wasn’t in keeping with the rules of the cricket. In a statement released by the officials, they accepted that this was a bad decision but added that this kind of incidents were “extremely rare” and was an “honest mistake”.

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