ICC considers Twenty20 format for Olympics

The powerful emergence of the T20 format has the ICC thinking about a proposal to have cricket come back to the Olympics after more than a century, ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat says on today. Cricket has been played only once at the Olympics, in 1900, although it wasn’t officially accepted as an Olympic sport until 12 yrs later.

The ICC the sport’s world governing body, was formally accepted as a federation by the International Olympic Committee in the year of 2010, indicating the ICC can bid to join the 2020 Games. Talking on radio, Lorgat says T20 was the initial international cricket format ideal for the Olympics.

“We have never had a format that would lend itself to playing in the Olympic games until T20 came to the fore,” he says. “We are beginning to have a look at that.“In the ideal strategy the board accepted in 2011, we will evaluate effectively what the advantages are for Olympic involvement. There are benefits and drawbacks to that decision.

“We would need to see what the benefits would be on the Cricket World Cup.”Lorgat says the main challenge facing cricket’s come back to the Olympics was the already packed playing agenda.“If we’re introducing cricket into the Olympics, that is a different extended timeframe taken out of the calendar,” he says. Lorgat added that the ICC was eager to limit the amount of T20 cricket played at worldwide level.

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