HTC boss turns down ‘Apple takes $8 per Android phone’ reports

HTC’s boss Peter Chou has refused press reports that Apple takes 6-8 dollars per Android smartphone HTC sells.

Apple and HTC decided a 10-year licensing contract recently, managing protracted fights over supposed patent breaches.

A few reports, however, said that the contract involved a charge per Android device sold of at least 6 dollars from HTC to Apple.

Chou called those reports ‘outrageous’, and said his HTC Corp was pleased with the contract, the Telegraph reports. “I feel that these reports are baseless and completely wrong. It’s an outrageous number, but I”m not going to remark anything on a particular number,” the paper quoted him, as saying.

As per the paper, Chou also mentioned that he is ”happy’ with his company’s latest Apple contract. “I think we have a very, very happy contract and a decent ending,” he said.

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