Hrithik Roshan miffed with Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood celebrities appear to have mastered the skill of creating short-term colleagues in the industry. They’re just mates currently and opponents the next day, very small can be stated about long term relationship in Bollywood.

News has it that Hrithik Roshan is peeved with SRK because of not asking him to sign up the particular bash organised at Mannat. It seems that, SRK had done a luxurious party for Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman.

Apparently, Shahrukh’s close friends went to Mannat right after the FICCI Farmes function. Speaking with a tabloid, a source mentioned, “The Roshans, it seems, were sullen at being overlooked of the revelry .” And to avenge the slander of being side lined , Hrithik Roshan set a luxurious bash but did not ask SRK.

“Hrithik Roshan believed that the function was just for several good friends. But Shahrukh and his team who were show for Jackman`s party were left out”, mentioned a source.

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