Hrithik Roshan May Need More Treatment For Brain

Krrish 3’s superhero Hrithik Roshan, who underwent a brain surgery to get the blood clot removed on July 7, may have need more treatment, reportedly.


The actor will fly to US for further treatment for blood clot on brain’s surface. The clot was surgically removed in Mumbai on 7 July.

Dr. Mishra, who was at Hrithik’s surgery in Mumbai, had confirmed at the time that the operation had been successful.

“The operation has been successful. He is fully conscious,” he had told reporters.

According to Dr. Mishra, Hrithik had injured himself while he was performing a stunt for a film a couple of months ago. The blood clot on actor’s brain was discovered after he complaint a persistent nagging headaches and decided to get an MRI done.

When Hrithik consults with doctors, an Indian-based neurosurgeon from abroad had operated on him. The operation took place in Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital. Reportedly, a hole was drilled in Hrithik’s skull and the blood sucked out under local anesthesia.

Hrithik was looking forward for his films Bang Bang and Shuddhi, but further treatment is delaying his projects to be completed.

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