Hrithik And Farah Khan To Launch Krrish Jewellery

Upcoming much awaited movie Krrish 3’s hero Hrithik Roshan is in collaboration with his sister-in-law Farah Khan to create an exclusive accessory and silver jewellery for Krrish 3.


Reportedly, the products’ availability will begin on Saturday on Farah Khan Fine Jewellery Portal. It will include Krrish bands, Krrish Pendants, Krrish mobile charms, Krrish pins, chains and power masks.

“The motivation behind it was Hrithik, who himself has overcome his personal obstacles to be a public figure and inspire people to achieve success irrespective of hurdles.” said Farah Khan.

According to Farah it is an inspirational piece of jewellery.

“It is an inspirational piece of jewellery, and my designs have always reflected a deeper thought and this time it’s no different. We want people to wear these to give them strength, to give them courage to do the right thing in life… There is a Krrish in all of us,” she added.

Farah’s brother-in-law Hrithik, said that the values that define Krrish have by far, had biggest impact on his life.

“It’s more than just a character or a movie to me. Krrish is a symbol of courage, strength, power and harmony. It’s not just about the cape or the mask; it’s a mental stance! Anyone can be a superhero, once we recognise the values he lives by; all we have to do is decide,” he said in a statement.

Reportedly, the jewellery pieces are priced between Rs. 2,500 to 6,000.

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