Govt should allow PTI to hold Karachi rally: Aitzaz Ahsan

PPP leader Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan says on today that the Sindh govt should allow Imran Khan to hold his convention in Karachi. Talking with media reps outside the Supreme Court, Aitzaz Ahsan says not allowing the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf  to hold the rally would give the impression that the PPP and MQM were scared of PTI’s growing appeal.

Aitzaz Ahsan says that the govt should allow the PTI before any political pressure was used Altaf Hussain. Aitzaz Ahsan also says that Khan had emerged as a 3rd strength in the political landscape and that he and Imran Khan had sincere ties. Aitzaz  Ahsan says that late Benazir Bhutto had also been holding rallies at the same location in the past and he had participated in a few this kind of rallies.

Giving answers to a question on the NRO implementation lawsuit, Aitzaz Ahsan says all orders given by the legal court should be implemented.

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