Governor Punjab assails Punjab government over kidnapping

Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa on Friday threw alert to the wind and says the responsibility for the abduction of Shahbaz Taseer rested directly on the provincial govt. Addressing a press meeting at the Governor’s House Latif Khosa however says despite the bad law and order situation, the PPP wouldn’t let democracy destroy in the country or the state.

Punjab Governor told the provincial federal to reexamine its plan and activate law enforcement agencies to examine the raising number of kidnapping reports in the province. “Punjab governor is murdered and his son is kidnapped in broad daylight despite the truth police check posts have been set up in each corner and nook of the town,” he says.

The is the incapability of the provincial govt earlier from Model Town a American resident was kidnapped who’s not yet been recovered and these events speak volumes of the law and order scenario in the state, says a clearly upset governor.

Consider the pain and sufferings of the family members and relatives of the kidnapped man, he says and expected the chief minister would really focus his interest on the bad law and order scenario of the state instead of lecturing on peace and harmony in some other province.

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