Google launches Map app for Apple iPhone, iPad

Google unveiled its mapping application for Apple iPhone, iPad and another is gadgets, restoring a well known tool that the Smartphone maker changed by its own in September. The free Google Maps application is available in over 40 countries and 29 languages, Google says in a blog posting today.

Google was highly anticipated to launch its own application after the new edition of Apple’s iOS mobile program removed the built-in software. The first application, operated by Google, has been a vital feature since the iPhone’s debut in 5 years ago. Experts faulted Apple’s new software for undependable landmark searches, routes that get customers lost and insufficient public transit directions, prompting CEO Tim Cook to issue an uncommon apology to customers.

Cupertino, California-based Apple added extra features like turn-by-turn navigation and fly-over views of landscapes into its software. IOS application operates iPhones and iPads, which contend with Smartphones and tablets that run Google’s Android operating-system. Mountain View, California-based Google is also the owner of the world’s most widely used internet search engine.

Tom Neumayr, a spokesperson at Apple, refused to comment.


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