Genius Wizard Stick: Wireless Motion Stick For PC Games

Genius Wizard StickMovements-manipulated playing games are pretty well-liked currently, but everybody knows, Computer games happen to be omitted by motion-control video gaming, but fortunately for all those Personal computer game players on the market, Genius is going to intends to alter that.

Genius has declared the release of Genius Wizard Stick, a wifi motion joystick that enables Computer users to experience motion video games on their personal computers. In accordance to Genius, Wizard Stick permits Computer users unparalleled handle of games as well as applications merely through shifting the joystick through the air. Additionally, you can utilize Wizard Stick like a regular command pad at any time. In circumstance you don’t contain any sort of motion games on your Desktop of which you can enjoy, don’t be concerned, simply because CD that will come with Genius Wizard Stick arrives with SEGA Virtua Tennis, as well as the AIWI gaming system which makes it possible for you to enjoy in 16 Flash video games on the AIWI web page.

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