Genelia and Shahrukh Khan come together for TV Ad

She isn’t counted in the position of Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor but the pretty Genelia D’Souza still has more brand endorsements.In her kitty than any of the Bollywood leading ladies.With about 9-11 endorsement deals; Genelia has certainly become.The favourite face amongst Indian advertisers. And the girl is all kicked about the fact that she adorns the TV screens in every commercial break.

“I feel happy that people don’t get bored seeing my face so often on TV,” she jokes and adds, “Shooting for these ads give me a great high. The concepts and creativity make it super fun.”We further ask Genelia what makes her click with the advertisers? “I think it’s my girl next door image. The brands I endorse are targeted towards the youth and it’s due to my bubbly nature that the youth can relate to me better than other actresses.”

Interestingly, the only other Bollywood face that’s such a regular when it comes to advertisements is Shah Rukh Khan who endorses products right from pens.And talcum powder to hair oil and underwear. And with her endorsement line-up, Genelia seems all geared up to match up Shahrukh Khan.

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