Galaxy S III beats iPhone 5 in display face-off

Apple and Samsung are facing off again, with IHS iSuppli comparing the iPhone 5 touchscreen display with one of its main opponents, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Despite Apple’s efforts to shed weight its new touchscreen through in-cell technology, the iPhone 5 falls short of Samsung’s leading phone, as per IHS.

The latest Apple offering sports a thinner 1.5mm screen (compared to the 2.1mm iPhone 4S) and a 72 % colour gamut (more than the 4S’s 50 %). The Galaxy S III’s 1.1mm thickness and full 100 % colour gamut wins the match, but not necessarily the fight.

Having the 1st product with in-cell tech – or a touch panel including the main display – is a big success, as per Vinita Jakhanwal, director of IHS small and medium displays. Overall, the iPhone 5 is slimmer than the Galaxy S III, and its display colour gamut is more than sufficient for plenty of people, Jakhanwal said in a statement.

While the new technology gives more light to emit from the screen and helps provide a more brilliant and clearer picture, the iPhone 5 still does not meet the high colour gamut mark set by the Galaxy S III. But, it may not issue to most customers, as per Jakhanwal. A few customers have reported that the Samsung mobile actually present over saturated and impractical coloring, he said.

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