Force had a poor opening in overseas Box Office

Genelia D’Souza and John Abraham starrer Hindi film Force might have performed perfectly at the Indian Box Office. But it had a poor starting in the overseas collection centres. The movie was launched on over 120 screens in various areas and it has gained around Rs. 1.32 crores nett.

The movie Force was launched on 47 screens in the Uk and it has received £ 65,841 in the first weekend. The per screen average of the film is £ 1,401. John-Genelia starrer was launched on 53 screens in the America and it has grossed around $ 1,05,000. Its per screen average comes out to $ 1,981. Force had hit 18 screens in Australia and its initial weekend recovery is Aus. $ 60,315 [Rs. 28.72 lacs]. The per screen average of its gaining is Aus. $ 3,351.

The film was launched in 2 cinemas in New Zealand and it has collected NZ$ 3,825 in the 1st weekend. Its per screen average is NZ$ 1,913. On the other hand, the power-packed action of Force was liked by both flick goers and critics in India.

Trade gurus opine that the raw action style isn’t really famous with desi viewers overseas and this this could be a primary reason for its bad performance in overseas Box Office.

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