Facebook Magnets For your Fridge

Fridgebook Magnets

If you love seeking at your Facebook at all times on your desktop, cell phone, tablet as well as other gadgets, than it’s possible you’ll like this specific bit of geeky add-on on your fridge.

Even though this would not provide actual Facebook on your regular fridge, it’s nevertheless an attractive adornment for your refrigerator, especially when you’re passionate Facebook user. People from Fridgebook have unveiled a group of Fridgebook Magnets, which modify your refrigerator perfectly into a Facebook wall style, or even they help to make it definitely seem like a Facebook wall. By just attaching all these magnets on your refrigerator, you’ll have things like, notes comments, wall, photos posts, like key, and also status updates. However you won’t get feeds by your buddies on your fridge, it is possible to write anything on magnets having white space on it with any white board marker.

These Fridgebook Magnets glimpse awesome on your fridge, incase you desire that nerdy Facebook appearance on your kitchen area make sure you can get these particular magnets for 24 Dollars.

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