Ex- president PML-Q likely to join PTI

Mian Azhar, Ex- president PML-Q tells he along with his loyalists could either form a fresh political group or join a clean political party in the future. Speaking to media, he says, “A gathering of his followers mostly hailing from Lahore held last Sunday in which 40 % of them suggested to join the PTI, while the remaining 60 % advised forming a different political party, reclaiming the PML-Q’s throne or joining a likeminded political coalition”.

When questioned about the chances of joining the PTI in the future, he said that he along with his friends held gatherings with PTI command but they haven’t made a decision to join Imran Khan as yet. Azhar, who was also Ex- governor Punjab, says that all the options would come under debate in the next discussion, which would be convened in the next couple of days.

On the other hand, PTI chief, Imran Khan addressing a party meeting at Islampura says that moment has come to wash the ‘dengue virus’ from the political ranks. He says that all the politicians and parliamentarians should announce their property, while they all the people of the ruling high level should also get back their overseas property in the country if they were truly fair with motherland.

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