Ex- Intel Worker Pleads Guilty for Data Theft

On Friday last, ex- Intel worker Biswamohan Pani pleaded guilty of files theft allegations after he apparently stole $1 billion value of trade secrets from Intel. Intel has examined the data that’s stolen and adjusted the worth of information to be between $200 and $400 million.

The ex- Intel worker was working at the company’s Hudson facility a few yrs ago before leaving for a job at opponent company, Advanced Micro Devices. In between his shift of job, there were a couple of overlapping days where he’d access to Intel files while working for AMD already. It’s at this time that he apparently stole useful data about the developing and design of Intel’s Itanium micro-processor.

Federal agents who checked his house, discovered the relevant files. AMD which has co-operated with the investigation from begin reiterated that they didn’t instruct Pani to do as he did and didn’t even know that he had the claimed data.

Now that Pani has pleaded guilty to the allegations, he could be facing up to 20 yrs in jail per fraud count when sentencing starts on August 8th.

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