Ex- Indian captain Kapil Dev urges Dhoni to consider quitting IPL

Well-known Indian all rounder Kapil Dev has advised MS Dhoni to consider not playing in the IPL to concentrate on the other formats of the cricket. Dev said it isn’t possible for any cricketer to keep playing consistently for 300 days an year with the same consistency.

When asked whether he could advise a substitute skipper, Kapil Dev responded he doesn’t have the authority to propose a new skipper but thinks somebody has to be hired according to his leadership skills. Kapil Dev is among the commentators for Cricket Radio for the India-Pakistan ODI series along with Sunil Gavaskar, Wasim Akram and Rameez Raja.

Dev further added that all the thrills of an India-Pakistan series is because of the passion of cricket followers from both the countries, and thinks it would be good if contests are held consistently between the 2 countries.

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