‘Desi Boyz’ earns 28.25 crore in 3 days

The John Abraham and Akshay Kumar starrer Desi Boyz received a decent Rs. 28.25 crore over its initial weekend at the box-office.The initial reply to Rohit Dhawan’s Desi Boyz may have been confused but the movie was able to net Rs. 9 crore on the initial day in spite of the unwanted ‘A’ certificate given to the film. On Saturday, the collections increased a little bit to Rs. 9.25 crore.

The collections on Sunday were Rs. 10 crore, taking the 3 day total to Rs. 28.25 crore. Not so bad thinking about the most recent releases of Akshay. Monday will decide its life time net.The makers, Eros International, who ended up putting money close to Rs. 65 crore in Desi Boyz, have made a killing by selling its satellite and music rights and are also recipients of the British government’s subsidy.In this way, they have currently brought back close to 75 percent of their cost from sale of satellite and music rights and because of the subsidy given by the British govt.

Financial recovery of the balance part of the investment at the end of the initial week, after taking into account the distributors’ shares from India and Abroad looks to be a left-hand work.

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