Desi Boyz Collects 40 crores net in 7 Days

Desi Boyz took very a flying start last weekend (Rs. 28-29 crs) but the decline started from Monday onwards so that the week closed at Rs. 40 crore. Thinking about that Eros succeeded to sell its Tv rights for Rs. 27 crs, audio rights for around Rs. 6-7 crore and would be receiving a subsidy of Rs. 15-16 crore from the British govt, 7 days of Rs. 40 crore is not at all unhealthy for a movie with an investment of Rs. 65 crore.

The Akshay Kumar starrer has behaved well in Abroad, having made close to Rs. 14 crore in the initial week. The shares from India and Abroad theatrical are, therefore, Rs. 21-22 crore and Rs. 6-6.5 crore respectively. Earnings have already come in. Collections are good but it should have been much better, since it is a Akshay Kumar starrer.

The Dirty Picture is launching on yesterday, so collections of Desi Boyz is likely to be damaged horribly its in second week.

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