Denise: The First Electronic DJ Goes Live


Because of the growth and development of engineering, robots in many cases are gradually exchanging human beings, but what happens if a mankind is changed by synthetic cleverness? If you’re thought about whether man-made thinking ability can perform the task likewise real human, very well, Denise is here now to demonstrate that.

Denise is a not a human Disk jockey its a man made intelligence package more specifically that had been created by Guile 3D Studio. This Robot was developed to be a electronic helper to reply to telephone calls, examine email, execute Web lookups as well as perform consultations, but Dominique Garcia, a radio identity right from San Antonio got numerous ideas for Denise. He bought Denise for 200 dollars, and reprogrammed Denise that allows it to function as a live DJ on a radio station. At this point, Denise is unable to perform its own, plus it requires a skilled author to write script for that will be played out while in the conversation breaks.

Denise is nearly worthless with no writer, however Denis previously had its initial radio show on 24th of August on KROV.

Denise’s first radio show

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