Controversy persists over PTI Vice Chairman slot

The debate over the position of Vice chairman PTI remains far from approval, right after which the party’s Constitution Board has referred the issue to its Chairman Imran Khan. Responsible sources informed that members of the Constitution Board after finalising fresh draft of the party’s constitution has posted it to the chairman.

However, the Constitution Board remained not able to develop a consensus among its members over the inclusion of vice chairman position in the draft of the latest constitution. Imran Khan has declared the vice chairman place for Shah Mehmood Qureshi at the time when the latter declared to join PTI, contrary to the reality that there existed no such position in PTI’s original organisational system.

Sources says upon rejection by the up-right and time tested people in the Constitution Board to include Vice chairman position in the recently drafted constitution, that’s yet to be passed by CEC of PTI, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has lodged powerful protest with the chairman PTI over the matter.

In the absence of consensus over the issue, the issue was referred to Imran Khan along with the draft of the latest constitution. “It might be possible that Imran Khan would keep intact the portfolio given to Shah Mehmood, but in such case Imran Khan’s selection would be challenged in CEC conference,” mentioned a senior party leader.

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