Concept Of Roller Phone

Alexey Chugunnikov has wonderfully built the Roller Phone idea. It can be a wearable mobile phone, which seems just like a wristwatch. The thing that makes the Roller Phone exclusive is that it features a roll top see-through display screen in the base.

Roller Phone is actually not only an awesome looking wrist watch along with glowing blue color light, the particular Roller Phone will take us towards the very close to upcoming where you could pull your cell phones navigation from your wrist & with a retractable transparent display. This unique advanced mobile phone notion looks like to merge the ideas of such 2 films mutually. A wristwatch and cellular phone a mix of both, Roller Phone works merely such as a tiny display on the arm that puts on it. This screen displays time on the one hand of wrist and whenever the individual wearing this moves this above, a roll out, transparent display opens up for calling.

Features of Roller Phone:

The list of characteristics will not be unlike the smart data phone you hold inside your jean pocket, you can watch video clips, online chat, you can play games, read books and you can also listen music.

An easy to customize layout, Roller Phone stimulates best ergonomics and anthropometry. In essence, the display rolls out directly to the tips of the wearer’s fingers to select all these options

Images of Roller Phone


Too bad, Roller Phone is just an idea right now.

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