Commentator apologises for insensitive remark on Mark Boucher

A leading radio commentator apologized live on air after an unsavory remark about seriously hurt wicketkeeper Mark Boucher.

Mark Boucher was forced to call a halt to his career just ahead of his 1,000th wicket after suffering a severe eye injury in England. Jacaranda FM commentator Martin Bester unlocked an outcry after he said on air that Boucher could now become the skipper of the blind South African cricket team.

Amid protests in newspaper columns about the comments, the president of Blind South Africa, Cathy Donaldson, mentioned the comments were insensitive, particularly since the exact extent of Boucher’s injury wasn’t known at that point. “I feel bad about what I said,” Bester said to his audience. “I interpreted the media report (on Boucher’s injuries) incorrectly and considered he was unharmed. I didn’t realize that his injury was so serious.”

Mark Boucher has meanwhile came back home and is undergoing treatment from the best doctors in the country to avoid him losing his eyesight in his left eye totally.

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