Cold war continues between Sonam and Ranbir

The war of words between Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor just went into super speed. In a latest interview, Ranbir was cited indicating, “Sonam says several things on television that she shouldn’t have. But I’ve absolutely nothing to point out about her since she was just my co-actor.”Never one to keep back, Sonam now reacts acidly, “If Ranbir is absolutely sense negative, he need to look at his episode of the similar Television show. I’m actually shocked he’s so harm since he indicated same thoughts about me.”

The remarks in query were made on TV show , where Sonam poked enjoyment at Ranbir, telling he wasn’t attractive and required a stylist. In an previously show, Ranbir had rated her the cheapest among Bollywood girl celebrities relating to acting abilities. “Just because I’m not going around presenting commenting or interviews on that event doesn’t mean what he says wasn’t unpleasant,” tells Sonam defensively. “But I’m older and won’t respond to what’s being says about me.” While she recalls also improving Ranbir for being properly brought-up, she now confesses, “We’re not actually in contact any more.”

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