Chinese govt to keep close watch on Apple despite apology

AppleApple may have apologized to Chinese customers over its warranty procedures, but authorities in the country signaled they’d keep a close watch on Apple and its approach to customer care. Apple showed “initial achievement” in reforming its procedures, China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce said on its website on Sunday.

But despite the apology, SAIC is applying a “watch and see” strategy toward Apple, and will not let up on its oversight of the company. A week ago, the regulator held a gathering with 19 different municipalities and provincial SAIC offices particularly to talk about Apple’s customer service procedures. At the meeting, the regulator called on the different offices to improve analysis of Apple’s sales and profits and customer service.

SAIC’s close oversight by Apple comes after the country’s state-run press blasted the company recently for claiming unfairness in its warranty procedures. Among the issues included claims that Apple treats its overseas customers much better than those in China, with more favorable iPhone warranty services. In reaction, Apple at first said that its warranty policies were roughly the same across countries.

But after dealing with a battering in China’s local press, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issued an apology, where he outlined changes in its customer service in the country.

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